Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Visiting schools around the world

We love to visit schools to learn more about an area’s local life and to share with students what life is like in other parts of the world. We have visited schools in many parts of the world. Sometimes we just chat and make new friends. Other times we do power point programs. We have a variety of programs including one that highlights schools around the world but we can develop a program that meshes with the student’s current curriculum. Here are some of the schools we have had the pleasure to visit. We maintain contact with some school sending them postcards and newsletters (via e-mail) about the various parts of the world we are visiting. We have learned the “Everyone Smiles in the Same Language.”

Myanmar: a Buddhist school in Ngapali
Thailand: A public school in Phuket
Vietnam: A Buddhist orphanage school in Hue

Guam: A public school
Laos: A public school in Vientiane
Myanmar: A public school in Chin State

Brazil: A jungle school in the Amazon
Bolivia: An English-language school in Santa Cruz
Cambodia: An orphange school near Siem Riep

Indonesia: A school for the deaf in Bali
Greece: A fourth grade in Olympia
Thailand: A kindergarten in Bangkok

India: A school in the Backwaters of Kerala
Hong Kong: An international school
USA: A school in New Haven, New York

USA: A school in Hudson, Ohio
Cambodia: A Catholic school near Siem Riep
India: A Sikh school in Delhi